“ Michelle’s intuitive nature helps her connect at a deep level with her clients….”

We are all challenged by life in different ways. The ultimate goal of Raz Career Coaching is about finding the perfect job match to help you use your hidden capabilities and talents despite life’s Challenges.    It is through your unique experiences in life that give you character, tenacity and an edge in a career path.  Raz coaching helps you unearth your personal  authentic and purposeful life journey. 

Whether you are stuck deciding what is the best fit for you or you are contemplating a career change, Raz Coaching can help you find your passionate job that is meant just for you and your personality, interests, strengths and talents. 

Videos, Articles, News, Podcasts, Webinars and on-going tools to empower you!

Up Cycle Your Old Resume to Get the Most in a New Career Focus

“Use your past to create your future with purpose and intent” – Michelle Raz  Take Action Go search for your resume on your computer, or grab the most recent copy sitting on your desk. Now, sit down, and take a close look at it. You’re not looking at it to revise or...

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5 Career Advantages You Get By…. Volunteering

Volunteer Your Way To A Career “What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good.” - Aristotle Whether you’re an experienced employee seeking a new career, or about to enter the workforce without a clear idea of your ideal profession, you can’t go wrong by...

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7 Interventions for ADHD

7 Intervention Strategies For Help With Your ADHD ADHD can be the chain holding you back from your success in life. Some nights you lay awake at 3am wondering what more you can do to optimize your success. Surely there are other strategies that can help with ADHD?...

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